Video Products

Aheadtek manufactures replacement drum assemblies and complete scanner assemblies for video heads. The rebuilt scanners feature long life bearing, surface hardened tape path and new brush & slip ring assemblies in both NTSC and PAL configuration. We also supply key electro-mechanical spares such as pinch rollers, reel motors, timing belts, capstan motors, brush/slips rings, air filters, cooling fans, flexible cables, cassette compartments and other critical replacement parts for video head products to reduce our VTR maintenance costs. We support the following makes and models:

  • Digital Betacam
  • Betacam/Betacam SP (BVW, PVW & UVW)
  • Betacam SX (DNWA75, DNW75, DNWA65 and DNW65)
  • 1" Type C
  • ¾” U-Matic
  • 2" Quadruplex
  • Pro VHS/SVHS
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