Disk Products

AheadTek Glide and Burnish Heads are utilized throughout the computer disk drive manufacturing process to eliminate surface roughness and certify disk surface condition.

Glide heads

AheadTek's Femto and Pico Glide Heads are suitable for all types of rigid media, regardless of size or type. We offer customers a range of options in product parameters and can utilize available technologies such as single-layer piezo electric crystal, cantilevered bimorph crystal and acoustic emission. Our proprietary masking and etching process enables shallow etched ABS with precise control on depth tolerance. Our glide heads are available with Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating produced by the Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) process.

Burnish head

We utilize our proprietary masking and etching process to produce deep ABS relief with vertical walls to achieve optimum performance in terms of asperity and loose particle removal from the hard disk surface. Our Flying ā€œVā€ burnish head was designed with an eye towards stable fly height characteristics for consistent performance and maximum insertion rates and has also proven to be very effective in the uniform distribution of lubricant across the disk surface.

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